A list of deaths in Brookside, totalling to ??. Ranging from suicide to murder, car crashes to helicopter crashes, falling off scaffolding to falling out of windows.

Character Date Cause
Arthur Clarke 7th December 1982 Heart attack
Gavin Taylor 2nd February 1983 Brain haemorrhage
Petra Taylor 25th January 1984 Suicide
Grace Hardwick 14th November 1984 Pneumonia
Kate Moses 5th August 1985 Shot by John Clarke
John Clarke 5th August 1985 Suicide by gunshot
Edna Cross 3rd September 1985 Stroke
Teresa Nolan 5th August 1986 Suicide by drowning
Nicholas Black 9th December 1986 Heroin overdose
Don Crawford 14th April 1987 Asbestosis
Joe Pritchard 20th April 1987 Unknown causes
Damon Grant 18th November 1987 Stabbed by an unknown assailant
Laura Gordon-Davies 4th January 1988 Fell down stairs
Alec Redfearn 1st March 1988 Natural causes
Ursula 7th June 1988 Murdered
Worzel 23rd January 1989 Unknown causes
Unknown car driver 5th April 1989 Car crash
Victor 5th April 1989 Car crash
Arthur Edwards 12th April 1989 Unknown causes
Woman 7th June 1989 Heart attack
Tony Hampson 11th October 1989 Car crash during police chase
Francis Kavanagh 11th October 1989 Car crash during police chase
James Markham 9th April 1990 Car crash
Liam Riley 23rd May 1990 Suicide by jumping off a roof
Don Corkhill 10th September 1990 Unknown
Jane Harper 8th October 1990 Car crash
Sue Sullivan 4th October 1991 Fell from scaffolding
Daniel Sullivan 4th October 1991 Fell from scaffolding
Cyril Dixon 30th December 1991 Massive heart attack
Graeme Curtis 24th January 1992 Murdered
Nick McLoughlin 26th June 1992 Heart attack
Trevor Jordache 7th May 1993 Stabbed by Mandy Dutton
Clive Crosbie 29th October 1993 Suicide by asphyxiation
Frank Rogers 5th November 1993 Car crash
Tony Dixon 7th February 1994 Car crash - died after spending months in a coma
Don McAteer 10th August 1994 Overdose
Simon Howe 28th October 1994 Suicide by asphyxiation
Garry Salter 8th March 1995 Drowned after falling into a swimming pool
George Manners 14th March 1995 Plague
Audrey Manners 22nd March 1995 Plague
Beth Jordache 26th July 1995 Hereditary heart condition
Caroline Lewis 1st December 1995 Complications from AIDS
Shane Cochrane 31st January 1996 Overdose
Jimmy Corkhill Jr. 29th November 1996 Shot by drug dealers
Matthew Farnham 7th April 1997 Injuries sustained in car crash
Emily Farnham 8th April 1997 Injuries sustained in car crash
Gladys Charlton 1st July 1997 Suffocated
Marcus Seddon 4th September 1998 Fell off a cliff
Betty McLoughlin 21st December 1998 Unknown causes
Susan Clarke 6th January 1999 Overdose
Greg Shadwick 27th August 1999 Millenium Club explosion
Jason Shadwick 27th August 1999 Crushed by rubble after Millenium Club explosion.
Victor 17th September 1999 Shot by gangsters
Josh Carter 29th October 1999 Set himself on fire
Mrs Wilcox 22nd December 1999 Terminal illness
Mark Wilcox 30th December 1999 Fell down stairs
Alasdair Finnegan 13th June 2000 Murdered by Callum Finnegan
Rose Finnegan 13th June 2000 Murdered by Callum Finnegan
Callum Finnegan 28th June 2000 Shot by Dave Burns
Susannah Farnham 3rd November 2000 Pushed down stairs by Max Farnham
Clint Moffatt 9th May 2001 Shot
Kitty Hilton 6th March 2002 Stroke
Imelda Clough 20th March 2002 Drowned during fight with Anthony Murray
Mrs Tucker 9th May 2002 Natural causes
Rob Dexter 10th July 2002 Suicide by jumping in front of a train
Unknown pilot 14th November 2002 Helicopter crash
Diane Murray 14th November 2002 Crushed by helicopter
Emily Shadwick 3rd February 2003 Fell out of a window during the seige - died after spending months in a coma
Alan Gordon 22nd February 2003 Fell into a concealed quarry
Debbie Gordon 3rd July 2003 Car crash
Greg Sinnott 23rd September 2003 Shot by drug trafficker
Jack Michaelson 4th November 2003 Hanged